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Olivier Cormier-Otaño: “Doing without: a therapist’s findings”, Spotlight on Asexuality Studies, 24/10/11, at the University of Warwick

December 19, 2011

A presentation was made recently by a non-asexual person of Asexuality. He has done research by using extensive answers received in a questionnaire he made in around 2008, when materials and evidence about Asexuailty were very scarce. Data was collected and collated and a large amount of figures emerged that produced a more accurate picture of how Asexuals see themselves and society at large.

Many possible questions about Sexuality, social cohesion, definition of terms, and social variance were created by this study. Also, it highlights the fact that many Asexuals feel excluded or opposed in expressing their Asexuality: many were called deviant by authorities, health professionals, families, religious groups, and peers and made to feel bad about their orientation. A lot of individuals have had to fight attempts to erase their identity and beliefs because the current value system does not agree with them. In a way, Asexuality is deviant as it deviates from the norm.

It’s recognized that there might be 60 million asexuals in the world, so erasing that amount of free-thinking individuals, I think, will really be a massive challenge to people who don’t recognise individuals’ rights to just be who they are;

60 million asexuals, and counting…

For the you tube video of the presentation and a transcript, go to:


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